Architectural Digest Visits San Miguel de Allende Again!

Architectural Digest loves to visit our little UNESCO village of San Miguel de Allende, as they did recently. Read here for some of their favorite picks of the town!

We’re a very photogenic city and yes, “We’re ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille!” All the international glossy magazines love to visit our town and send photographs across the world of the splendor we local residents enjoy every day.

It was no surprise, then, that Architectural Digest returned again this year for a visit of designers Andrew Fisher’s and Jeffry Weisman’s Spanish colonial home in their April 2013 issue (yes, I know it’s only March—stick with me, readers, I’ve got the early scoop!).  After all, Architectural Digest has featured Nick & Betty Coates’ home, Seis Fuentes, in a 2004 edition, and again featured interior designer Linda and husband Marty Simon’s Mediterranean style home in this 2009 issue.

This visit, however, Architectural Digest profiled here some of the favorite spots in San Miguel de Allende, a sort of “don’t miss” list for visitors.  We’re thrilled at who made the cut.

The Rosewood San Miguel—Condé Nast Traveler’s 2012 Number One pick for all of Mexico—was top of the list, with the Hotel Matilda a runner up.  Favorite restaurant?  Chef Donnie Masterson’s The Restaurant made the cut, as did Cumpanio.

For shoppers, the list proved lengthy, but worthy: La Calaca antiques, Carol Romano’s Insh´ala, Jim & Alfredo’s Camino Silvestre, Lisa & Michael’s serape shop Recreo San Miguel, Carolina’s Sollano 16 jewelry store, Anna’s funky fun shop Mixta, and of course RoseMarie’s Fabrica la Aurora.

If Architectural Digest makes our little slice of heaven sound like paradise, well, we can’t blame them—it is!  Think you’d enjoy living here and having all that in your own back yard, just minutes from home?  If you lived at Los Senderos, you’d be a short shuttle ride away from Centro and one of the world’s most popular—and most photographed—destinations.  Learn more about living at Los Senderos here!

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