Famous Contemporary Homes? They’re at Los Senderos!

Piamonte model home in San Miguel de Allende
The contemporary home designs of Luis Sanchez Renero are reflected in this Los Senderos model home, located in our Piamonte neighborhood.

Aficionados of contemporary architecture often scour the world for models of their favorite contemporary designers.  After all, trend-setting contemporary design seems to originate from cutting-edge countries, right?

That’s why Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto’s all-glass, see-through home titled House NA—often labeled  “the house that wasn’t there”—made a Best Buildings of 2012 list and is labeled the architect’s finest work, a highly compact housing model and a dazzling sectional study of Rudolphian excess.  All I know is, Sou probably isn’t throwing a lot of stones!

Kuu Architecture’s Minus K House—yep, it’s in China—looks assembled from the crumbling bricks that fell from the Great Wall, only painted white… rustic modernism, if you will.

In France, Maison L—a design by Christian Pottgieser—resembles four oversized white marble periscopes popping up from a rock outcropping ringed by an 18th century orchard.  Unfortunately, the unidirectional windows don’t allow the living room occupants to wave over at the bedroom occupants. Contemporary? Clearly! Unconventional? Undeniably!

Maybe you’re a fan of more livable contemporary architecture.  If so, perhaps you should investigate the designs of Luis Sanchez Renero, among Mexico’s most well known contemporary designers.  In San Miguel, we blogged about his three local homes—Albaricoque (1986), Las Moras (1991) and Las Garzas (1995)—but his work in Mexico City brings him international acclaim.

Better yet, come for a tour through the furnished model home at Piamonte, a collection of Sanchez homes bearing the unmistakable design imprint of Luis himself.  Contact us here when you’re ready for a tour of your new home in San Miguel de Allende—we’ll take you for a garden stroll up on the roof!

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