From Patio Psicodelico to Primo Prismas in San Miguel de Allende

Mexico City artist Nacho Rodriguez Bach unveiled his latest permanent installation, Prismas, at Los Senderos last month to the backdrop of a dramatic sunset!

San Miguel de Allende hosts many artists—painters, sculptors, found-art creators—but typically sees installation art only during special festivals, and then it typically proves only short-term. Los Senderos, however, has been showcasing large-scale art installations for years, all of which become a permanent part of the los Senderos landscape.

Internationally acclaimed Mexico City instillation artist, philosopher, and composer Nacho Rodriguez Bach boasts installations and exhibits around the globe: St Catherine’s Cathedral in Eindhoven, Holland, Emory University’s College of Arts, NASA’s Center for Chemical Evolution, and of course his own home town’s Zocalo. Now Los Senderos hosts his newest permanent installation.

“Prismas” is a biologically inspired installation, a light-and-sound interactive sculpture resembling shards of white crystals—prismas—thrusting skyward from a reflective pool, part of the Los Senderos Lagoon centerpiece.  Art promoter Mariana Valdes notes that Nacho’s art is based on images that belong to current and ancient scientific studies, common objects, natural elements and traditional forms, but his works surprise by pointing out the ambiguity between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

New York’s Dillon Gallery showcases several of Nacho’s installations, from the recent Patio Psicodelico installation to large-scale ceiling-mounted mobiles of neon sculpture.  Nacho’s installations can be found globally in such prestigious institutions as the Henry Ford Museum Exhibit Gallery, to Mexico City’s Museum of Technology (MUTEC).  Los Senderos is proud to become his latest permanent installation!

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