Los Senderos and San Miguel de Allende on YouTube!

Our Los Senderos YouTube video showcases many images you may not have seen, like this rendering of our now-partially constructed Lagoon and the future architecture to be built there.

You’ve read about Los Senderos on these pages—even seen the images we’ve posted—but we only post one image per blog, right?  Perhaps you’re wondering about the images you haven’t seen—the weddings, wine tasting events, fundraisers, and the plethora of ongoing activities that keep us busy at Los Senderos.

If you’ve always wanted to see more of Los Senderos, now you can see our YouTube video here, where we showcase the flora and fauna of our rolling countryside.  You’ll see the vineyards  bursting with grapes, some of our outdoor weddings—including the one where we hosted 600 people for a tented sit-down wedding-reception dinner among our historic ruins—and even Jacinto the mule, pulling a wagon of visitors.

You’ll see images of the soon-to-open thermal spa & club, photos of the new model home—before, during and after construction—and even an aerial of the lagoon’s green-scaped berms. And while you’ve read about our sustainability programs, our video even shows a few new sustainable programs still to be implemented.  Even our new grand entrance off the highway to Dolores Hidalgo is showcased!

So if a picture says a thousand words, be sure to save yourself some reading time and check out our video here!  It’ll inspire you to visit our sales office for a tour and even more information!

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