Carriage Rides in San Miguel de Allende? Sure, at Los Senderos!

The carriage ride options at Los Senderos run from simple to elegant, like this wedding carriage that stages the perfect entry to your outdoor wedding.

Many of us romantics think of carriage rides as the ultimate in romanticism, right? If you’ve ever clopped along in New York’s Central Park in their horse-drawn carriages, you know the feeling.

In fact, many tourist destinations offer carriages. Charleston’s Old South Carriage Company is famous and competes—for the Princess in everyone—with that town’s Cinderella Carriages, offering rides in liveried pumpkin-shaped carriages. And in New Orleans, NoLa Carriages offers elegant rides by top-hatted horses.

Many of Mexico’s more famous travel destinations offer carriage rides, also.  The carriages in Guadalajara are quite elegant, as are the ones in Mexico City.  Merida—in the Yucatan—bustles with dozens of carriages, although they’re admittedly much more humble.

And what about carriage rides in San Miguel de Allende?

Oddly, there are none to be found! Unless, that is, you visit Los Senderos, where you’ll find a variety of carriage options, from a humble wagon pulled by Jacinto the mule, to elegant wedding carriages for your outdoor wedding.  Want to learn more?  Contact us here and bring your saddle shoes—we’ve have you riding through our 300 acres in no time!

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