A Barack & Bobby BBQ at Los Senderos?

If you think Bobby Flay’s BBQ for President Obama was special, come on over to Los Senders and order a BBQ party from our grill… you’ll love it!

You’ve heard our restaurant is temporarily closed for renovations.  But did you know you can still make reservations for your own BBQ party at the Bistro at Los Senderos?

Before you say anything about BBQ being only for hotdogs, remember that Bobby Flay and Barack Obama grilled together at a BBQ on the south lawn of the White House a couple years ago, as you can see here.  President Obama likes his BBQ, and he likes Bobby Flay’s cooking even better.  Flay just cooked another dinner for Obama and Chinese President Jinping last Friday, where the menu included lobster tamales—there’s that Mexican flavor—and porterhouse steaks—there’s the BBQ!

Hey, what if we invited good ol’ Barack and Bobby down to Los Senderos?  They have a ball, cookin’ and grillin’ and smokin’ up the grill—we’ve got a huge one, almost Presidential in style!—as they prepared carne asada and grilled corn on the cob for, say, President Peña and a few guests.

Remember, we can manage several hundred of your best friends for a BBQ party here at Los Senderos.  And when Barack and Bobby show up, they’ll know they’re welcome too!

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