The New York Times Covers Sustainable Housing

We love when international publications like The New York Times and others cover sustainability initiatives that we at Los Senderos practice daily!

If you even skimmed our blog here at Los Senderos, you know we’re HUGE fans of sustainability.  In fact, the phrase “sexy sustainability” is part of our tag line.

We practice what we preach in the homes that we build, of course, but it’s nice to see when other sustainability fans do the same with their homes.  And the New York Times Great Homes & Destinations is good at showcasing those efforts.

In this article on a passive solar home, they profile a couple who built their home around the solar orientation of the site, and you know—from reading our other blogs—we endorse harnessing the sun’s energy, too.

And this New York Times article on maintaining a natural habitat notes how the home owner built his home to minimize damage to the local flora and fauna infrastructure, something we have always done.  In fact, most of the acreage at Los Senderos is a natural preserve.

The New York Times does composting, too! Writer Elissa Gootman, calling herself a reluctant composter, notes how her kindergarten-aged son guilted her into composting, a green offshoot of the urban agriculture movement.  We compost our cuttings, burn dead nopal as fodder for the sheep, and endorse a green grazing program, much like Google’s headquarters.

We invite the New York Times to send their team down to visit Los Senderos—we’ve got enough sustainability stories to fill an entire newspaper!

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