Beach Clubs in Paris, London, now San Miguel de Allende!

Every summer , the banks of the Seine host Paris-Plages, the pop-up faux beach—created with real sand—that proves immensely popular with landlocked Parisians. London—not to be outdone by those snooty French—finally sprouted Greenwich Beach last summer, now to be the largest artificial city beach in Europe.

Perhaps the most comprehensive of short-term artificial beaches is Belgium’s Bruxelles les Bains, where Brussels’ Béco basin and the place Sainctelette, located in the North of the city, morphs into a true seaside resort with multiple activities: sports, cultural events, shopping and food stalls.

This Huffington Post article actually profiles the best 15 artificial beaches in the world.  Heck, who needs the real thing—requiring a multi-hour flight—if you can have the next best facsimile in your back yard!

Mexico City, not to be left behind in the cultural dust, er, sand, joined the fray in 2006, creating ten city beaches—flanking 100-foot wide swimming pools complete with life guards—right about this time of year, just in time for school kids’ spring break.  It’s proven a huge success, with 70,000 beach visitors in the first five days of the program.

So why not a beach club in San Miguel?  It’s the perfect accompaniment to Manaia – Los Senderos Spa, which boasts 25 acres of landscaped parks and lagoons. spa is fed by natural underground thermal springs, and the closest natural hot springs to the center of San Miguel de Allende.

Want to learn more about our spa?  Click here and help us plan the perfect spa for you!

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