Los Senderos Thermal Spa & Club: Your De-Stress Solution!

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Are you one of the few who still think the best spas in the world are those European institutions that have existed since, well, Roman Times, in some cases?  It’s time to update your thinking!

Sure, they may serve champagne with your mineral water at the Spa le Bristol in Paris—in truth, they actually have a body cleansing treatment with vodka in their Russian Room—and you can rub naked elbows with Beyoncé at the Armani Spa in Milan, but let’s get real: who wants to mortgage the ranchito just to get a facial?

The Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa is ranked the Number One wellness resort by TripAdvisor, and guess what folks—it’s right here in Mexico.  And the Sunset Plaza Beach Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta—yep, you’re right, that’s in Mexico, too—made this Huffington Post list of best destination spas.

Frommer’s claims one of the best spas in Mexico to be in Cuernavaca at the Misión Del Sol Resort & Spa, and says the Yhi Spa of Cancún’s ME hotel and the divine new Chable by Hamak are among the most ultrachic .

But we say, enough with the lists and competitions: the recently opened  Manaia Water Gardens, Beach Restaurant and Lake, Thermal Spa & membership Club simply aims to be the place to relax and unwind—and get healthy—in central Mexico.  We want to be the place where the girls can come hang out for a day of beauty—be they tweens or seventy-tweens—or the family can enjoy a day of health together here in San Miguel de Allende.  Watch here for more updates on the fabulous Manaia Oasis !

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