Beach Clubs in Paris, London, now San Miguel de Allende!

Every summer , the banks of the Seine host Paris-Plages, the pop-up faux beach—created with real sand—that proves immensely popular with landlocked Parisians. London—not to be outdone by those snooty French—finally sprouted Greenwich Beach last summer, now to be the largest artificial city beach in Europe.

Perhaps the most comprehensive of short-term artificial beaches is Belgium’s Bruxelles les Bains, where Brussels’ Béco basin and the place Sainctelette, located in the North of the city, morphs into a true seaside resort with multiple activities: sports, cultural events, shopping and food stalls.

This Huffington Post article actually profiles the best 15 artificial beaches in the world.  Heck, who needs the real thing—requiring a multi-hour flight—if you can have the next best facsimile in your back yard!

Mexico City, not to be left behind in the cultural dust, er, sand, joined the fray in 2006, creating ten city beaches—flanking 100-foot wide swimming pools complete with life guards—right about this time of year, just in time for school kids’ spring break.  It’s proven a huge success, with 70,000 beach visitors in the first five days of the program.

So why not a beach club in San Miguel?  It’s the perfect accompaniment to Manaia – Los Senderos Spa, which boasts 25 acres of landscaped parks and lagoons. spa is fed by natural underground thermal springs, and the closest natural hot springs to the center of San Miguel de Allende.

Want to learn more about our spa?  Click here and help us plan the perfect spa for you!

Los Senderos Thermal Spa & Club: Your De-Stress Solution!

Termaspool for web

Are you one of the few who still think the best spas in the world are those European institutions that have existed since, well, Roman Times, in some cases?  It’s time to update your thinking!

Sure, they may serve champagne with your mineral water at the Spa le Bristol in Paris—in truth, they actually have a body cleansing treatment with vodka in their Russian Room—and you can rub naked elbows with Beyoncé at the Armani Spa in Milan, but let’s get real: who wants to mortgage the ranchito just to get a facial?

The Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa is ranked the Number One wellness resort by TripAdvisor, and guess what folks—it’s right here in Mexico.  And the Sunset Plaza Beach Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta—yep, you’re right, that’s in Mexico, too—made this Huffington Post list of best destination spas.

Frommer’s claims one of the best spas in Mexico to be in Cuernavaca at the Misión Del Sol Resort & Spa, and says the Yhi Spa of Cancún’s ME hotel and the divine new Chable by Hamak are among the most ultrachic .

But we say, enough with the lists and competitions: the recently opened  Manaia Water Gardens, Beach Restaurant and Lake, Thermal Spa & membership Club simply aims to be the place to relax and unwind—and get healthy—in central Mexico.  We want to be the place where the girls can come hang out for a day of beauty—be they tweens or seventy-tweens—or the family can enjoy a day of health together here in San Miguel de Allende.  Watch here for more updates on the fabulous Manaia Oasis !

Fruit of the Cactus is Blooming at Los Senderos!

With all this rain, it seems like the Universe is painting its full spectrum of colors at Los Senderos. The deep magenta of the “tuna” fruit of the nopal is bursting with juice and color, and deliciously concocted into this sensational coctail as the perfect accompaniment to  a sizzling steak from the grill.

Come enjoy this and other sumptuous fruits of the earth and the organic gardens adjacent to Casa del Sendero, our own enchanting grill and garden restaurant. Open Friday through Sunday.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Growing Tourism in San Miguel de Allende

Tourism is growing in San Miguel de Allende, with many more visitors coming from Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara!

Thinking of visiting San Miguel de Allende?  ¿Está pensando en visitar San Miguel de Allende? You’re not alone!

This article in Atención—our local bilingual newspaper—notes that tourism to San Miguel is increasing. The article says that in 2011 almost one million tourists (933,395, to be exact) visited our little village of 85,000 people!  Not surprisingly, this same article notes that the number of National tourists—from places like Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Leon and Queretaro have increased.

We at Los Senderos could have told you that!  Why?  Because many of our town’s visitors come out to Los Senderos to book their special events: weddings, dinner receptions, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras… well, almost anything that involves a happy celebration!  We can accommodate the crowds, the parking, the catering—remember, The Bistro at Los Senderos is right here!—even the safety, security and serenity of your guests.

So to the tourists of San Miguel we say welcome—Bienvenidos a San Miguel!—and be sure to visit Los Senderos , too!

The New York Times Covers Sustainable Housing

We love when international publications like The New York Times and others cover sustainability initiatives that we at Los Senderos practice daily!

If you even skimmed our blog here at Los Senderos, you know we’re HUGE fans of sustainability.  In fact, the phrase “sexy sustainability” is part of our tag line.

We practice what we preach in the homes that we build, of course, but it’s nice to see when other sustainability fans do the same with their homes.  And the New York Times Great Homes & Destinations is good at showcasing those efforts.

In this article on a passive solar home, they profile a couple who built their home around the solar orientation of the site, and you know—from reading our other blogs—we endorse harnessing the sun’s energy, too.

And this New York Times article on maintaining a natural habitat notes how the home owner built his home to minimize damage to the local flora and fauna infrastructure, something we have always done.  In fact, most of the acreage at Los Senderos is a natural preserve.

The New York Times does composting, too! Writer Elissa Gootman, calling herself a reluctant composter, notes how her kindergarten-aged son guilted her into composting, a green offshoot of the urban agriculture movement.  We compost our cuttings, burn dead nopal as fodder for the sheep, and endorse a green grazing program, much like Google’s headquarters.

We invite the New York Times to send their team down to visit Los Senderos—we’ve got enough sustainability stories to fill an entire newspaper!

BBC Travel Touts San Miguel de Allende!

BBC Travel touts San Miguel de Allende as an internal destination for arts & culture, and we suggest adding Los Senderos to your local itinerary!

God save the queen, you have to love those Brits!  They love to travel, and now we know they consider Mexico’s own San Miguel de Allende a hotspot of art & culture, according to this BBC Travel post.

We love the BBC’s description of our little burg: they say our village attracts US retirees, hippies, snowbirds, artists, painters, and sculptors, but they forgot to mention that we also attract wine connoisseurs, billionaires, movie stars, real estate investors, and collectors of contemporary art and architecture.

We know, because many of them come looking to Los Senderos to get their fix of the last two: our homes here are architectural art, contemporary masterpieces by artists in their field.  In fact, our real estate friend Joanie Barcal gets quoted for noting how the real estate market has rebounded in the last six months due, in part, to “the lively arts scene, plus film and music festivals.”

If you haven’t visited San Miguel yet, come on down for a look.  And be sure to add Los Senderos to your itinerary—we’ve hosted wine tastings at our winery, community fund raisers on our rolling 300 acres, lavish sit-down wedding dinners for 600, nationally renowned endurance races, FEM accredited equestrian events… well, just about everything that attracts visitors to an internationally acclaimed  destination!  Visit us here first to learn more about Los Senderos as a destination.

A Barack & Bobby BBQ at Los Senderos?

If you think Bobby Flay’s BBQ for President Obama was special, come on over to Los Senders and order a BBQ party from our grill… you’ll love it!

You’ve heard our restaurant is temporarily closed for renovations.  But did you know you can still make reservations for your own BBQ party at the Bistro at Los Senderos?

Before you say anything about BBQ being only for hotdogs, remember that Bobby Flay and Barack Obama grilled together at a BBQ on the south lawn of the White House a couple years ago, as you can see here.  President Obama likes his BBQ, and he likes Bobby Flay’s cooking even better.  Flay just cooked another dinner for Obama and Chinese President Jinping last Friday, where the menu included lobster tamales—there’s that Mexican flavor—and porterhouse steaks—there’s the BBQ!

Hey, what if we invited good ol’ Barack and Bobby down to Los Senderos?  They have a ball, cookin’ and grillin’ and smokin’ up the grill—we’ve got a huge one, almost Presidential in style!—as they prepared carne asada and grilled corn on the cob for, say, President Peña and a few guests.

Remember, we can manage several hundred of your best friends for a BBQ party here at Los Senderos.  And when Barack and Bobby show up, they’ll know they’re welcome too!