Growing Tourism in San Miguel de Allende

Tourism is growing in San Miguel de Allende, with many more visitors coming from Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara!

Thinking of visiting San Miguel de Allende?  ¿Está pensando en visitar San Miguel de Allende? You’re not alone!

This article in Atención—our local bilingual newspaper—notes that tourism to San Miguel is increasing. The article says that in 2011 almost one million tourists (933,395, to be exact) visited our little village of 85,000 people!  Not surprisingly, this same article notes that the number of National tourists—from places like Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Leon and Queretaro have increased.

We at Los Senderos could have told you that!  Why?  Because many of our town’s visitors come out to Los Senderos to book their special events: weddings, dinner receptions, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras… well, almost anything that involves a happy celebration!  We can accommodate the crowds, the parking, the catering—remember, The Bistro at Los Senderos is right here!—even the safety, security and serenity of your guests.

So to the tourists of San Miguel we say welcome—Bienvenidos a San Miguel!—and be sure to visit Los Senderos , too!

BBC Travel Touts San Miguel de Allende!

BBC Travel touts San Miguel de Allende as an internal destination for arts & culture, and we suggest adding Los Senderos to your local itinerary!

God save the queen, you have to love those Brits!  They love to travel, and now we know they consider Mexico’s own San Miguel de Allende a hotspot of art & culture, according to this BBC Travel post.

We love the BBC’s description of our little burg: they say our village attracts US retirees, hippies, snowbirds, artists, painters, and sculptors, but they forgot to mention that we also attract wine connoisseurs, billionaires, movie stars, real estate investors, and collectors of contemporary art and architecture.

We know, because many of them come looking to Los Senderos to get their fix of the last two: our homes here are architectural art, contemporary masterpieces by artists in their field.  In fact, our real estate friend Joanie Barcal gets quoted for noting how the real estate market has rebounded in the last six months due, in part, to “the lively arts scene, plus film and music festivals.”

If you haven’t visited San Miguel yet, come on down for a look.  And be sure to add Los Senderos to your itinerary—we’ve hosted wine tastings at our winery, community fund raisers on our rolling 300 acres, lavish sit-down wedding dinners for 600, nationally renowned endurance races, FEM accredited equestrian events… well, just about everything that attracts visitors to an internationally acclaimed  destination!  Visit us here first to learn more about Los Senderos as a destination.